SCRUM: How to Successfully Apply Agile Project Management and Scrum - Roland Wanner

SCRUM: How to Successfully Apply Agile Project Management and Scrum

By Roland Wanner

  • Release Date: 2019-03-28
  • Genre: Entreprise et management


Short Development Cycles, React More Flexible to Market Changes and Create Products That Can Be Used More Quickly.
Do you want to react much faster to market changes with innovative products, radically shorten your time to market, offer a much faster return on investment and more flexibility for your customers? Agile Project Management and Scrum offer not only that but also more interesting and satisfying work for your project team and a much more productive collaboration. Teams organize their own work and take on more responsibility.
Many companies have already discovered the benefits of agile approaches to projects and taken the step away from traditional project management towards agility. With Scrum and Agile Project Management you get:
• Decreased Time to Market
• Faster Return of Investment
• More Customer Flexibility
• More Satisfying Work
• Increased Collaboration and Ownership
• Reduced Project Risk
This book will introduce, clarify and deepen your knowledge about Agile Project Management and Scrum to use it successfully. It describes Scrum comprehensively, systematically and easy to understand. You will also learn how [email protected] can be used to successfully implement large agile projects
With its comprehensive glossary of definitions of all key terms, this book is equally suited as a comprehensive introduction and reference guide for business and for educational purposes.
This is a book for beginners in Scrum and Agile Project Management, but also for advanced readers who are preparing for a Scrum certification.
The Essential Guide to Agile Project Management and Scrum for all Team Members, Managers and Executives.

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